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Stop putting off telling the people you love how you feel.

We all know that cards harness more power than a text or DM. Yet we just. don't. send them. Not nearly as often as we'd like to anyway.


Well, even as a greeting card designer, I can think of a bunch of reasons! For starters:

  • Cards take time to write. Time we often don't have.

  • We forget that it's someone's birthday or (insert other milestone) and don't remember until it's too late to send a card in time.

  • We might not know what to say.

  • We don't always have a card on hand.

  • There's the whole task of having to address, stamp, and mail them.

  • Maybe, we're simply just not in the mood.

As a business owner and full-time mom to a four-year-old, I understand.

Which is why I founded Just Send The Damn Card.

JSTDC is an online community designed to help you write more cards and feel more connected.

Once a month and sometimes more, our community will meet over Zoom for card-writing workshops. As your host, I help you get to writing immediately, with what I like to call Rapid-Fire-Love-Fests (my challenge to you to write just 1 or 2 lines to someone, getting you out of your perfectionistic-head and warmed up, ready to write). Following that, we share the main prompt of the day and get to writing alongside some calming, instrumental music. We dedicate time at the end of each workshop to share what we wrote, if desired, and honestly, the sharing is my favorite part because it brings us closer together as a community. It helps us get un-stuck if that’s how we’re feeling.

Be the one who creates a ripple effect of goodness.

The result of these workshops is a seriously positive effect on those who receive the cards, and the ripple effects go far beyond what we can even imagine. It's a rare thing – because there is nothing to lose by joining this community and every single person affected by it, wins.

I truly can't think of a better way to spend an hour+ each month.

In addition to the workshops, inside the JSTDC Community, you will also receive:

  • The Party-In-An-Inbox: The JSTDC Community Newsletter I thoughtfully curate and send each week. PIAI keeps our members/readers in the loop AND inspired to write between the workshops, so they never lose momentum

  • Printable cards-on-demand from Hey Weegs, the greeting card company behind JSTDC, which consists of over 150 "cards that actually sound like you"

  • The Annual Card Tracker, a printable which lets you easily track your progress and hit your goal of sending more cards this year

  • The Monthly Check-In Tracker, a printable which breaks down the Annual Tracker into smaller, more doable chunks

  • BONUS: Members also receive an exclusive monthly discount to Hey Weegs, which is always bigger than any other discount I give because members of JSTDC go through cards much faster than the average subscriber!

  • BONUS: Access to the full Workshop Replay Library for 24/7 card-writing inspiration, for when you don't want to wait for the next workshop

  • BONUS: Quarterly Pop-Up Workshops with special guest authors and influencers, keep you even more inspired to write and send the cards

BIGGEST-AND-BEST-EVER-BONUS: The satisfaction of knowing you're doing your part in all your relationships just by being an active member in this community.

Who should join JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD?

JSTDC is for you if:

  • You want to send more cards but just always feel too busy
  • You want to make writing and expressing gratitude more of a habit
  • You want to be the friend who checks in more often
  • You want the people you love the most to know exactly how you feel about them
  • You want to show up for your friends when they're going through a really hard time, and have exactly the right words when you do
  • You want to make a bigger impact in the world by being able to connect with more people.

Just Send The Card is a proven way to help you do all that.

We’re taking the work out of writing cards. And we’re making it FUN instead.

What our members have to say:

Nice to meet you.

I'm your host, Sarah Weeger.

I'm a wife, a mom, a total dork, a business owner, and someone who used to be terrible at actually sending cards (which didn’t look so great, being that my business was designing *greeting cards*! So I sought to change that). I'm also someone with a ridiculously-high desire to help us all do better in our relationships, and to have fun while we're at it. JSTDC for me has checked all those boxes.

Slow down and invest in what really matters – your relationships and those you love.

Join us for free today.

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