Because sending cards should be FUN, not work.

A community for people who want to send more cards, by Sarah Weeger of Hey Weegs, a card company.

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Here's the gist:

We all know the power cards can have. But we're all so busy, and it's hard to sit down and write sometimes. So, that's where JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD (JSTDC) comes in.

Once a month, we get together virtually over Zoom to write cards together in real-time. We write more cards in that hour than most people do in a year. It's just the best.

It's fun; it never feels like work. It's fun-ny; together we laugh at the ridiculousness life often throws at us. And by having communal prose, we make it easy to show up for those we love. And it's statistically proven that we've formed the best community on the face of the planet* because it's made up entirely of people who care about others, and, like you, want to be better at telling them how you feel.

*I mean I have no actual proof of this but if there was a study, I'm certain it'd be true.

In short: JSTDC is an online community designed specifically to help you write more cards and feel more connected.

It’s so nice to meet you!

I'm your host, Sarah Weeger.

I'm a wife, a mom, a total dork, the owner of Hey Weegs (a greeting card company), and someone who's terrible at actually sending cards... which didn't look so great for business, being that I'm a greeting card designer.... Although I honestly see it as further proof that a community like this is exactly what we need... and why I founded it).

JSTDC checks every one of those boxes – it takes the work out of writing, helps us slow down, we do it together, we laugh, we feel good about the effort we're putting into our relationships – for both for my community members and me. And the ripple effects go far and wide.

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